Confirmation of Aboriginality (Taken from NSWALC)

The Aboriginal Land Rights Act (ALRA) states that to be a member of a Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), you must be an Aboriginal person. The definition of an Aboriginal person, as defined by the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, is a person who:

  • * is of Aboriginal descent.
  • * identifies as an Aboriginal person, and
  • * is accepted by the Aboriginal community in which he/she lives.

When a person seeks to become a member of a LALC, the members of a LALC, must be satisfied that the person is in fact Aboriginal and must make a resolution to accept the person as a member before a LALC Chief Executive Officer can enter their name on a membership roll. When a LALC is satisfied that a person is Aboriginal and then proceeds to join the LALC they can then write a letter of confirmation for that person, confirming their Aboriginality.  A LALC should not write a letter of confirmation if the person being confirmed as Aboriginal is not first a member of the LALC.