Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council

Community Benefit Scheme

Sponsorship & Scholarship Policy

  Applications Open 

The Worimi LALC invites Aboriginal Community Members to submit an application for the consideration of the Community Benefit Trust Committee.

 Individual Applications considered are those that support “exceptional and high achieving opportunities” (i.e. sporting, educational, academic and/or the arts etc) that are identified and/or considered to financially sit outside of the normal family household budgets and income.

 NOTE: Normal household budgetary items i.e. pens/pencils, cricket registration or soccer boots etc, will not be considered.

 Community project applications i.e. social health and wellbeing etc, MUST be able to demonstrate accountability and accessibility by ALL WLALC Aboriginal community Members and MUST NOT isolate/exempt or benefit any particular persons, family or group.

Please read the policy for applying:  wlalc-sponsorship-policy

Contact our office on 02 4033 8800 for a copy of  the application. Applications to be handed into reception no later than 1 week before the monthly board meeting.

 NOTE: Special cultural consideration and/or circumstances may exist i.e. men’s or women’s business.