Board of Management

Leigh Ridgeway – Chairperson

Uncle Neville Lilley

Aunty Valerie Merrick

Glen Newlin

Rhonda Finlay

Jemma Mcleay

Nadine Russell

Lindsay Ridgeway

Allan Anderson

Anthony Anderson

Office Hours

Worimi LALC – 8am to 4pm Monday – Friday

(except public holidays)

SDA – 9am to 4pm Open every day (except some public holidays)

Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council

2163 Nelson Bay Rd

Williamtown NSW 2318

(02) 40338800


After Hours 0422805470



Andrew Smith— CEO

Lori Parish — Business Facilitator

Donna Witt— Administration Assistant

Natalie McFadyen— Finances

Joanna Smith — SDA Office Administration

Kayanna West —  Office Administration

Candice O’Loughlin – SDA Office Assistant

Menindee Simon – SDA Office Assistant

Abby Newlin – SDA Office Assistant

Sharna Odgers – SDA Office Assistant

Chantal Gundy – WHS Officer

Grounds Staff

Jamie Merrick— Senior Sites Officer

Stephen Ping— Grounds Staff

John Witt— SDA Maintenance

Nigel Hayward – Grounds Staff

SDA Staff

Scott Newlin— SDA Tour Manager

Ross McEntyre— SDA Tour Guide

Matthew Newlin – SDA Tour Guide

Rachel Syron – SDA Tour Guide

Adrian Briar – SDA Tour Guide

Shannon Mattson  – SDA Tour Guide

Reece Wall  – SDA Tour Guide

Karl Jaross – SDA Tour Guide

Rodney Lake – SDA Tour Guide

Brendan Lilley – SDA Tour Guide

Caleb Smith – SDA Tour Guide

Keiryn Morley – SDA Tour Guide

Graham Quinlan – SDA Tour Guide

Culture Heritage & Education

Justin Ridgeway — Culture, Heritage & Education

John Schultz —   Culture, Heritage & Education

Cree Welsh – Culture, Heritage & Education


Green Team

Ray McMillan – Grounds Staff

Shannon Hawkins — Grounds Staff

Samuel Chaffey — Grounds Staff

Barry Wiseman — Grounds Staff

Jess Delaney  – WGT Office Admin

Mary Greenwood – Program Manager


Janine Hayward – Chef

 Conferences & Events 

Katie Nichols –  Bookings Administator