Worimi Green Team – Natural Resource Management

The Worimi Green Team (WGT) is a sustainable business line unit of the Worimi Local Aboriginal land Council and is a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise, designed to provide training, development and employment for local Aboriginal community members.

Based at Williamtown, NSW, the WGT offers a variety of land-management support services to the Lower Hunter Valley and Central Mid North Coast region of NSW.  Clients include Local Councils, Regional, State and Federal Government Departments, Industry and Local Stakeholders.

Additionally; the WGT manages environmental concerns contained within the large land portfolio of the WLALC while, also assisting community Aboriginal Elders with their personal yard maintenance if requested and approved.

Our capacity and skill base to operate makes us well versed and in a diverse range of specialist landscape and natural resource management services, providing the experience to coordinate both small and large-scale projects


Rehabilitation and land management of on-ground works

Providing a professional team with a track record of working in Endangered Ecological Communities (EECs) and with Threatened and Endangered Species (TS).

  • North Rothbury – weed control in a biodiversity offset (EEC and TS; 2018 – 2019)
  • Weed control on Corrie Island (multiple EECs; 2016-2017)
  • Illegal Dumping Campaign and Weed control on Dowadee Island (EEC and TS habitat; 2019)


Noxious weed control

Whether it requires large blanket-spray weed control or targeted spot-spraying we have the equipment and expertise (utilising Twin-Reel Quickspray Unit with 200m hoses; Splatter Guns; Backpacks or Cut and Paste techniques)

  • Juncus acutus control in the Hunter Wetlands National Park (2014-2019)
  • Roadside spraying of Giant Parramatta Grass (2010)
  • Vine control (Ballon; Mareria; Cats Claw) along Black Creek (2010 – 2019)


Erosion and stabilization techniques

  • Sand dune Erosion control on Stockton Beach (2018)
  • Erosion and vehicle control along Gan Gan Rd, Nelson Bay (2017)
  • Tomago Levee Bank stabilization (Hunter Wetlands National Park 2016-2019)


Threatened Species Surveys

We can provide both detection and monitoring programs

  • Orchid surveys on Worimi Conservation Land (2018)
  • Senecio spathulatus surveys on Stockton Sand Dunes (2019)


Community Engagement

We regularly undertake both school and adult ecological and cultural engagement activities


Planting and maintenance programs

We offer a full range of services from tubestock to street tree planting and maintenance programs


Local providence seed collection

Being the largest private owner of environmentally classified land in the Shire, we have a selection of sites on which to collect seed


Plant propagation and tubestock supply

With an operational nursery we can supply locally sourced tubestock for the Port Stephens area and surrounds

  • Large scale planting of long-stem tubestocks on a disused sand-mine site (2019)
  • Koala Corridor Plantings (2018)


Asset Protection

Working closely with RFS officers, our staff are fully qualified and experienced in creating and maintaining APZ areas, including utilising cultural burning techniques where required and appropriate.


Large tree removal for weed control and restoration projects

Chainsaw or in-situ control

  • Pine control in the Myall Lakes National Parks area (2019)
  • Pine removal at Mallabula (2016-2018)

photo 2

Feral animal monitoring and control

  • Rabbit control in the Upper Hunter (2018)
  • Fox and dog control in the Newcastle Wetlands Estate (2017-2018)


To assist in carrying out our projects we are also qualified in Snake Wrangling and Traffic Control.

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