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Murrook Cultural Centre is situated on Nelson Bay Road Williamtown NSW.

It’s purpose is to gather, sustain, protect and teach Aboriginal Culture to all people with an emphasis on Worimi culture being the land and people of this area.

Our centre caters for a vast range of groups from schools (pre, primary, secondary and uni/tafe), to community, business, government groups and international visitors.

Most importantly, Murrook is used by our Aboriginal community as a gathering place.

Aboriginal staff teach many facets of our culture, from boomerangs, weapons and tools, didgeridoo, communication like art and dance, bush food medicine, cooking, craft (basket weaving, beading), artefacts and much more.

We at Murrook seek to deliver a sound, authentic and relevant cultural experience to our visitors helping them to see  Australia through the eyes of a local Aboriginal person.

Our staff run tours and workshops at Murrook,  schools and “On Country” having access to Aboriginal sites.

If you would like more information about our cultural packages, please call our office where one of our friendly team members will be able to assist you further.

 Marrungbu (Thank You)

 Murrook Culture Centre